WHO Investigator Admitted A Year Ago That Chinese Labs Manipulated Coronaviruses, Now Denies That Happened With COVID-19



In a recently uncovered February 2020 TV interview with World Health Organization (WHO) investigator Marion Koopmans, Koopmans states labs in China were manipulating coronaviruses before the pandemic started. Koopmans, along with others on the WHO team who investigated the origins of COVID-19 in January and February, now denies the coronavirus pandemic was caused by a lab leak. 

Yet she has admitted Chinese labs were performing the types of dangerous animal experiments that top scientists and U.S. intelligence officials say may have caused the pandemic.

“We are now looking whether we can change those viruses,” Koopmans says in a February 2020 interview uncovered by White Coat Waste (WCW), a nonpartisan watchdog group. “Can we add this virus to it, or can we adjust those viruses to include this one. This is actively happening in a few places worldwide, also in China.” Of course, an animal lab in China manipulating natural coronaviruses is the crux of the lab leak theory.

However, about COVID-19, Koopmans said she and the other investigators “concluded that it’s extremely unlikely there was a lab incident.” Her statements come before the WHO’s official findings report is set to be released this Tuesday.

Koopmans’s public stance is contrary to the suspicions of American intelligence, which has evidence that researchers at the Wuhan lab became infected with COVID-like symptoms before the first known cases in December 2019.

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